Ours is the unit others are trying to copy. This ultrasonic golf club cleaning system uses a state of the art grip and head cleaning method repeatedly giving superior results.

Ultrasonic Power Corporation has been in business sine 1973. We have supplied our unique design to golf courses and driving ranges around the world, with machines currently in service on 3 continents. Over 25 years of research and development in the field have yielded many features and benefits not found in other machines.

Opportunities abound for resellers and distributors marketing our products to golf courses, driving ranges, and even small businesses that own and operate independantly. All stainless steel construction sets these classic machines apart from the rest.  Others often rely on plastics and other flimsy materials which are easily damaged on a golf course.

For more information, please visit our detailed description page, which includes close up photos and further explanations of our system.




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